How Digital Marketing Affects Consumer Behavior?

How Digital Marketing Affects Consumer Behavior?

Many people believe that a business gravitates around the “best” product; many consider the marketing strategy or a shrewd financial approach to be of the utmost importance. But actually, it is the consumer that decides how well your business performs.

Connection between Digital Marketing and Consumer Behavior

The key to executing a successful digital marketing campaign is to appeal to consumer’s emotions and convert their experience into a promising lead.

This fundamental explains that in today’s world, where incorporating digital is not an option but a necessity, consumer behavior is navigated by what they witness on digital platforms.

“Brand marketing empowerment enabled by technology”

Jeff Bullas, CEO of Jeff

The consumer is both, the protagonist, and the villain of the movie. Their behavior and perspective decide whether your efforts will translate into rising profits or losses.

Like any high school rom-com, they are the popular girl that everybody wants and is way out of your league. So, how do you really capture their attention? Well, the answer is simple; a holistic digital marketing approach and we absolutely agree with him!

With the explosion of digital marketing, consumer behavior is absorbing its impact and it is reflected in customer’s attitudes and purchase decisions; how heavily they are influenced by the transformative power of digital marketing.

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This is one of the biggest factors that affect consumer behavior. The advent of technology has empowered consumers to project their opinions to a wider audience.

Bloggers rate different products and influencers share their experience with a product/service, and it suddenly becomes a determinant of how many people will follow back.

Sponsored posts and customer reviews have widened a brand’s approach to consumerism. Many people just wait for others to recommend a certain product; Ronaldo’s gesture (recommending water instead of soda at an official football press conference) single-handedly cost Coca-Cola a $4 billion loss.

“85% of customers trust online reviews posted by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts, which has risen from 84% in 2016.”. A study by Bright Local deduced,

Digital Marketing is Changing Consumer Behavior, Unlike Anything Seen Earlier

The proliferation of the internet has made it almost too easy for consumers to stay connected with a brand. With one click, they can unravel the entire story about a single product.

Try judging your purchasing patterns as a consumer; you will distinctly notice how certain ads incline you towards buying something, and how online reviews impact your decision process.

87% of the shoppers learn about the product via online searches before buying it.


Consumers want to know how good your product is and they will take the word of the internet for it.

Customer Engagement

There has been a boost in customer interaction thanks to the power of the internet and mobile technology.

Customers now can engage with the brands on social media and offer their honest feedback or inquire about the product and its use. This puts customers in the driving seat and gives them the ultimate control over the purchase.

86% of buyers are willing to pay more in return for a better customer experience.”

If consumers see that the brand is responding timely and is engaging well with them, they perceive a positive image.

This encourages them to become your loyal customer and as a reward, you will see your sales fly high!

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Online Exposure

Modern-day consumers make all their purchasing decisions after a good session of research. You must not be surprised if they end up knowing more about your brand than you!

The magnitude of content they go through every day influences them greatly. Even unconsciously, they see the same products offered by multiple brands, and they passively begin comparing them in their minds.

Internet has allowed them to even experiment with different offerings and make their mind about what they like.

Digital marketing has allowed the consumer to develop a more comprehensive understanding of services and products, so they can make a more informed decision.

Artificial Intelligence

“Alexa, what is the best coffee place around my street?”

We have practically tortured Alexa and Siri by asking similar questions repeatedly. But the fun part is that we do trust their recommendations. The influence of this powerful medium goes beyond the smart gadgets installed in your house.

Consumers are always looking for convenience. Brands have taken help with artificial intelligence to affect consumer behavior and make a solid impact on their online success.

AI is more responsive, effective, and efficient; skills than every business looks for. And digital marketing is heavily driven by the feasibility of AI and its efficiency.

Personalized Experiences

Consumers are accustomed to their personalized shopping experiences, all thanks to digital marketing. Brands have realized how this approach is a game-changer.

They now invest their resources and efforts in curating personalized experiences and content that resonates with individual customers.

80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences.”


Shopping Carts Everywhere

Digital marketing has made it easier for consumers to shop, add your favorite product into the little cart, and Viola! It will be at your doorsteps in 5-7 working days.

Online outlets are thriving in this day and age because the internet keeps consumers educated about their choices and prices.

Online advertising, discounted deals, and sales not only attract consumers but also steer their behavior. The highlighted digital banners you see in your ads, that scream hefty discounts, encourage you to fill that shopping cart from the convenience of your home!


Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology. – Brian Polis

Consumer behavior has evolved significantly over the years, but the graph shows a steep growth after the incorporation of digital marketing.

We may have only scratched the surface here, but do remember, that consumers may feel like they are independently making a purchase decision.

But behind it all, it is a lot of marketer’s efforts and innovation that convince consumers. So if you want to do that for your brand as well than we can help you with that.

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