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Well people love being treated specially and nothing speaks special than a personalized email. Email Marketing Services offered by 2BTech focus on that and creates directed campaigns that focus on your customers individually. This results in leads generation.
In the modern world of today where every business is either online or is in the pipeline to go online. In such a competitive world if you are still using conventional methods to boost your sale no one is going to appreciate your wits. The era we live in is marked by intense digital marketing and if you are not updating yourself with the fast-changing dynamics of the world around you, you will soon be left behind.

To stay ahead of the game, familiarize yourself with these changing trends or if you don’t have the time to do so, our team at 2BTech has provided email marketing and other IT Solutions services to clients all across the globe.

Email Campaign Management Services

Speaking of digital marketing services, there are dozens of them. Since we are experts at what we do so our expert opinion is that it is one of the most effective kinds of digital marketing services. In this particular marketing strategy, marketing emails are sent out to potential customers and prospects. Doing so, not only sky-rockets your sales but turns your fewer potential buyers into loyal fans. In addition to this, you might be thinking that email marketing management services can not come in handy the way social media digital marketing services can. This is absolutely incorrect and you should discard such thoughts as soon as possible. You want to know why we’ll tell you exactly why it is so.

Email Marketing Services Includes

We bring you the highest quality email marketing services for your business. We want to offer convenience to our clients. So, we have a wide variety of email marketing services for you to choose from. Here are all the email marketing services 2BTech offers:

Email Marketing Strategy Preparation

Our email experts will devise the perfect email marketing strategy that suits your business.

Email Newsletter Writing

Our 2BTech team will regularly write and send out well-written email newsletters to your audience.

Email Marketing Management Services

We will regularly observe your subscriber engagement and maintain your email list.

Result Measurement

We will attentively record the results your business is getting from email marketing and update you with monthly reports.

Lead Generation Through Advertising Campaigns

2BTech will market your lead magnets using different platforms and methods to grow your email list.

Bulk Email Marketing Services

2BTech will send out bulk emails to your audience to reach the maximum number of targeted people.

Email Marketing Consultation Services

Our expert email marketers will guide you by presenting you with a solution/plan tailored to your brand’s needs.

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Benefits Of Email Marketing Services For Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner wondering about the benefits of email marketing services? Keep reading, because email marketing has countless benefits for brands of all types and sizes. Right now, there are about 4.3 billion email users in the world. This figure is reported to grow to 4.6 billion by the year 2025, which is greater than 50% of the world’s total population! (Statista, 2021) So, every business should enjoy the exposure email marketing offers. Here are the main reasons why you should opt for email marketing services for your own small business:

Is Google Email Marketing Service Really Worth The Hype?

As experts, we will definitely recommend you to get the best email marketing services for your online business to enhance sales and revenues. Coming to the probable question that might be popping in your head right now that how come email marketing management services serve a better purpose than social media marketing services. The reasons for the said questions have been described in the following bullet points:

Research shows that people tend to check their emails regularly whereas there is a high probability that they would not check their social media accounts if they don’t get the time.
The cost of email marketing services is sometimes cheaper than those of social media marketing services.
You own your email marketing list so you are the boss but in social media, your account could be suspended or worse, terminated by the authorities for any reason.
If we talk about direct email marketing services or even the indirect email marketing service, it is just like sending someone a mail but in a compact, convenient and simpler way whereas it’s a strenuous task to find specific content in a news feed even if it has been custom-made for you.
Research shows that people tend to check their emails regularly whereas there is a high probability that they would not check their social media accounts if they don’t get the time.

How To Do Email Marketing?

Although you don’t need to worry about email marketing strategy if you have hired the email marketers of 2BTech who will manage all the affairs for you regarding the email marketing campaign. They will not only apply the best strategies to accelerate your reach and revenues but will also turn your one-time buyers to permanent customers. But, if you want to have an idea of how email marketing is done, we’ll simplify it for you.
The very initial step is to assess your goal. Following this goal, sign up for an email marketing tool and get yourself acquainted with it. Right after following this procedure, build your own list of potential customers and prospects. Remember, not everyone is your client. Assess your business goals and establish the list likewise. The next step is choosing the type of campaign you want for email marketing and then get started with your first marketing campaign and assess the results.
All This and more could be done by 2btech. We have offered tons of clients our email marketing services across the world.

How 2BTech Do Email Marketing

Read the 3 T’s of working with our Email marketing services agency to find out what makes us the best in this field:


Our email marketing services are designed to specifically target your desired audience group. A lot of research and teamwork goes into evaluating who your audience is and what would interest them the most.


Email marketing, when done right, can prove to be transformative for your brand. With our top email marketing services, we make sure that our clients are getting a profitable bang for their buck. The results we bring in are what make us one of the best email marketing services providers.


Our services are tailored to each one of our clients. We firmly believe that there is no “one size fits all”. So, we will first hop onto a FREE consultation call with you. We will get to know your business in depth. This will help us determine how we should personalise the email marketing services we would be providing to you.

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Our Email Marketing Service Packages

2BTech is an email marketing services agency where we aim at providing top email marketing services and worldwide at affordable prices.
We want clients to get their projects done by the best email marketing services provider company without going over their budget.
2BTech always promises you quality, timeliness, and of course, affordability. Browse our email marketing service packages here:

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B2B Email Marketing Packages

Email Marketing Strategy
Email copywriting
Email Software Account Management
Targeted list optimization
Email Marketing report

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B2C Email Marketing Packages

Lead nurturing strategy
Strategy to build an email listy
Design email templatesy
Email Copywritingy
Email campaign report

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