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What You Need to Know About PHP Web Development

PHP or Hypertext Processor is an open-source program that is widely used in website development. The scripting language it uses is general-purpose, which means that PHP can be utilized to build various types of business solutions.
PHP has been around for the last 25 years. Despite its old age, PHP has maintained its popularity amongst brands and developers over the years. According to the statistics presented by W3 Techs, PHP is powering roughly 80% of all sites on the internet. It is still being used by big platforms such as Facebook and WordPress.
So, what could be the reason behind its never-ending fame? PHP offers a plethora of benefits to businesses as well as IT specialists to streamline and simplify web development processes. We at 2BTech have our own experienced PHP developers on-board to help your business with diverse software development tasks.
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Our PHP Web Development Services

The 2BTech team specializes in all major PHP web development frameworks.

Our PHP web development services include:

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Custom PHP Web Development

Our professionals will carry out web development for your business using PHP technology. We understand that no standard website will fit every brand. Therefore, our developers offer you custom PHP web development services so that you can get a solution that has been specifically tailored to match the distinct needs of your company.


Laravel Website Development

Laravel is a well-known PHP framework and our experts know how to work with it to bring you a unique website for your business. Everything from the coding process to the designing and third-party integration will be exclusively carried out by the PHP web development services experts at 2BTech.


CodeIgniter Website Development

CodeIgniter is another PHP framework that can help you get your desired site without hassle. Our professional service providers have hands-on training and experience in this specific PHP technology framework. So, let the PHP team at 2BTech handle your brand's website development projects in the most efficient way.

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Other PHP Technology Stacks We Work With

Our PHP web development services experts also holds expertise in other PHP frameworks for site development, such as CakePHP and Symfony. We have got you fully covered in this domain, hence, if you are looking to get your website developed via professional PHP services, then we are the agency to reach out to.

Advantages of Utilizing PHP Technologies for Your Brand

Wondering how PHP IT solutions can possibly benefit your business?

Following are the main advantages of using PHP:

Flexible & Compatible

The latest PHP technology is able to work well with multiple systems thanks to its highly flexible nature. For example, if you need to pair MYSQL and PHP together, you can surely do that. Also, you can easily run it on different kinds of operating systems, including Mac OS, Linux, Windows, and Unix.

Scalable & Fast

Your PHP solution will be capable of expanding alongside your business through its versatile scalability features, hence making it perfect for larger scale projects. Additionally, PHP is known for creating fast-loading sites. This means that your potential customers won’t have to wait long to start browsing your website.

Saves Your Money

One of the major advantages of this programming language is its cost-efficiency. Because PHP is open-source, you do not have to pay to acquire this software. This is the reason why PHP web development services are mostly economical and great for small and medium sized businesses with a limited budget.

Completely Secure

PHP technology enables developers to engineer safe solutions. With the help of an expert development team, you can prevent common cyber threats such as local file inclusions, SQL injections, and XSS attacks from sabotaging your site. A good PHP developer will always handle the coding of your site while prioritizing its security.

Hire PHP developers at 2BTech who know how to take your business to the level you want.

Our PHP Website Development Company's Work Process

Our team follows the below given client-centric working process for all services offered by our PHP web development services:

15 minutes discovery call

Hopping on a 15-Minute Discovery Call with the Client

We request all our clients to book a brief discovery call with the 2BTech team to get started. You won't be charged for this e-meeting. Once you schedule it through our website, we will reach out to you via email to confirm your session with us. This virtual meeting will allow us to get a better grasp on the existing needs of your business and its goals relevant to our services.

working on your project

Working on Your Project & Managing Everything

Our top PHP specialists will begin working on your task. We will also connect you with our project manager, who will be responsible for keeping you in the loop regarding your task's status. Our team will take care of every facet of your project and aim at delivering before the deadline that had been mutually fixed.

generating a personalized strategy plan

Generating a Personalized Strategy Plan & Quote

Based on everything we discuss in our discovery call, our team will brainstorm a customized project completion plan for you. The personalized quote provided to you will also be in accordance with this plan. The deadline of your PHP project will be decided through mutual agreement between the both parties.

lauching and maintaining your php

Launching & Maintaining Your PHP Website

Our PHP web development services will perform the smooth and safe launch of your PHP site after getting your final approval on it. We also offer maintenance services to prevent your business from facing any recurring technical problems. Although this service is completely optional, we highly recommend that you leverage it.

Why Hire 2BTech for Custom PHP Web Development Services?

Our PHP web development services caters to all business types. Here are the main solutions we provide:

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Stacks of Technology we're experts in

Our technology stacks add value to your business:

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What are the two main hiring models offered by 2BTech for PHP web development?

At the present moment, we at 2BTech are offering our clients 2 main engagement or hiring models to choose from, based on their requirements, frequency of projects, and how they’d like these projects to be completed.
These models are:

Fixed IT Staffing Model:

This hiring option allows you to acquire 2BTech’s individual talent. You can hire our team members to work on your company’s projects. The fixed IT staffing model works perfectly for clients who have a limited number of projects that require a specific skillset to be completed. This model grants them the freedom they are looking for in terms of drafting the work schedule and budget. The pricing and work hours will vary week-to-week based on the client’s changing needs.

Dedicated Team Model:

This hiring option allows you to acquire 2BTech’s team talent as a whole. You will be able to hire our teams for the completion of your ongoing projects. The dedicated team model works well for clients who have a steady flow of tasks that require a specialized skillset to be managed and launched. This option provides them with stability when it comes to budgeting and scheduling the work hours, as it offers a fixed price and work schedule for each project.

Yes! We are one of the top development agency choices for outsourcing business projects. We provide clients with an international-level quality of work and talent while charging industry-competitive rates. We are the go-to agency for web development for clients all over the globe.
We believe in providing an excellent customer service experience to each client. Therefore, we have set up multiple channels of communication, so that you can get in touch with us with ease. There are multiple ways for you to reach 2BTech for any kind of query or assistance. You can directly reach us at the phone number given on our website. You may also write to us via email or through our website’s contact page. We are also active on our social media pages, so feel free to shoot us a message there. Our client support team typically gets back to all queries within 24 hours.

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