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What is MERN Stack & Why is it Popular?

MERN is a technology stack that helps users gain access to faster, more scalable, and highly advanced application development. MERN stack is a combination of JavaScript technologies; in other words, it is a JavaScript stack used to make a business more agile and enhance its performance.
MERN stack consists of 4 main components – MongoDB, React, Express.js, and Node JS. Each of these components have their own unique set of advantages that they offer to users. They complement each other and perform different functions in a web application development project.
MERN stack is popular amongst clients and web development specialists because it offers fast product delivery and enhanced scalability. Many users are currently using MERN for quick and great quality app development.
So, if you too want to explore all the benefits of MERN stack development services, as well as where you can find them at competitive rates, then keep reading. With 2BTech, you can hire MERN stack developers who are the best in the IT industry.
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MERN Stack Web Development By 2BTech

Our multinational agency holds expertise in MERN stack development services. The 2BTech team consists of some of the best MERN stack developers on the market, and we are excited to help you out with your next software development project. We are currently developing:


MERN Stack Web Apps

Our experienced MERN stack development services experts can take on any website application development project and work on it from scratch. Our team of developers and MERN stack experts will put together a perfectly functioning, flawlessly designed website for your business to take its digital presence to a decent level.

Custom MERN Stack Development

Our MERN stack development services company will take the overall requirements, audience demographic, and future goals of your business into consideration to devise a personalized project plan for you. We cater to different types of businesses working in a wide range of industries because every brand has distinct needs

Website Maintenance Services

We at 2btechinc also offer our clients post-launch site maintenance services. These services are completely optional; however, they are strongly recommended for the preservation of the long-term functionality of your website. So, keep your business going and stay in touch with your digital audience without any technical difficulties with this service.

Benefit from the Best MERN Stack Development Services Provider on the IT Market

Advantages of MERN Stack Application Development

MERN Stack development services are sought-after right now by brands and businesses of all sizes.

Here are the prime reasons why:


Simplification of User Interface (UI)

One of the main reasons why MERN is so popular is its association with React – a world-famous library that simplifies the building and handling of an app’s UI and boosts its performance simultaneously.

Customizable & Time-Saving

MERN is one of the preferred technology stacks to build custom-made, readily-available software products. It stimulates the full creation of a site or application from front-end to back-end quickly and efficiently

High in Flexibility

MERN stack can be used by developers to build short, simple projects as well as bigger, more advanced and complex applications. MERN offers its users the flexibility they are looking for in terms of business software development.

Scalable & High in Performance

MERN stack makes for an excellent choice when it comes to developing applications that can potentially manage big data chunks as well as a heavy traffic flow. It is also easy to scale, which makes it an ideal choice for brands

Better Maintenance

Due to its multi-tiered, innovative architecture, MERN allows for the development of apps that are easier to manage and maintain as compared to traditional apps. So, it enables stress-free maintenance without compromising on code quality.

Dependable Cloud Security

In business, the safety of your data should never be compromised – online and offline. MERN stack provides a cyber-security blanket to its users, hence protecting your company’s sensitive information from malicious threats or attacks by hackers.

Why 2BTech Should Be Your Top Choice for MERN Stack Development Services

reliable team

Reliable Team

Our team of MERN developers are trained, experienced, fast, and reliable for small and large projects.

multiple services one place

One Place, Multiple Services

Our team members can handle multiple tasks requiring different skillsets for your business

competitive price

Competitive Price-Point

We offer remarkable services geared towards client satisfaction at market-competitive rates.

client oriented process

A Client-Oriented Process

Our working process is 100% client-centric and prioritizes client collaboration at each step.

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Our Step-by-Step Development Process

Fast track your brand’s entry into the digital limelight with tried and tested MERN stack website and web application development services found on the IT market.
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Discovery Call Booking:

The first step is always to directly book a discovery call with 2BTech's team, so that we can have a closer look at your project needs and business goals.

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Drafting of Quote & Project Plan

Your discovery call session with us will help us design a unique project completion strategy and quote that is specifically tailored to your brand.

Consultation Call-01-01

Approval of Quote & Initiation of Project

Once we receive an approval regarding the quote and strategy plan from your side, we will assign our senior MERN stack developers to work on your project.


Regular Updating

When your project begins, we will appoint our professional project manager to consistently keep you updated on your project's status over the passage of time.

project completion-01-01

Completion & Launching of Project

Upon your final approval, we will safely launch your completed website or web application product after performing all the necessary security checks.

Stacks of Technology we're experts in

Our technology stacks add value to your business:

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It doesn’t matter how good a company is at what they do if nobody knows about them. This is where


Can MERN stack improve SEO?
Because MERN stack allows for the quick rendering of UI with the help of React, it can potentially boost the overall user experience as well as the SEO of your website/web application.
Yes, our professional MERN stack developers can create an ecommerce website or application for your business. Since MERN stack is scalable and presents fast processing features, it can definitely be preferable for someone looking to launch an ecommerce store.
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