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CRM: A Must-Have for Every Business in Today's Market

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is software that helps businesses build new relationships with potential buyers, maintain old ones, and organize and simplify various company operations. Latest stats show that CRM solutions can increase sales by a staggering 29%, team efficiency by 34%, and remove inaccuracies from business processes by 42% (Source:
The main reasons for this demand and adoption of CRM by almost every other company out there are its ease of use and the massive ROI boost it brings about. So, if you are not enjoying this lucrative tool already, then make sure you do it now, because it is truly the future.
We at 2BTech offer you custom CRM Development Services by our seasoned CRM developers. We have what it takes to launch a successful CRM module for your brand that closely matches with its long-term and short-term goals.
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Bringing You the Most Effective Custom CRM Development Services

crm integration

CRM Integration

Conveniently merge third-party platforms such as WhatsApp with your CRM application using our integration services. Be easily accessible to customers on a variety of systems.

crm implementation

CRM Implementation

You can now hire dedicated CRM development services at 2BTech for the completion of all types of implementation-related CRM projects, from advanced data entry to preparing business reports.

crm migration

CRM Migration

Our skillful software developers can perform 100% secure data migration between two systems, i.e. from your old software to your new custom CRM system within the given deadline.

Platform Customization

CRM Platform Customization

We build custom tools and technologies for brands. All our CRM products are customizable according to factors such as your audience demographic, goals, and needs.

Software Development

CRM Software Development

The 2BTech development team will create a management software for your company from absolute scratch for improved business development and better customer interaction.

crm consultant

CRM Consulting

Our CRM software development company provides one-on-one consultation sessions to every client. Our CRM specialists will help you make the right decision for your development projects.

Benefits of CRM Software Development Services for Corporate Managers

If you are a small, medium, or large-scale business owner, manager, or marketer, then our CRM development company can help you enormously. The primary benefits of using CRM for brand growth are.

Why Choose Our CRM Development Company for Your Project  


Straight-Forward Working Process

The process used by our CRM Development Company is simple and straight-forward for anyone to understand. It takes less than a minute for clients to book a discovery call with us, after which we start working towards their project delivery.

A Team of Experts Ready to Serve

The 2BTech team of custom CRM developers is always ready to serve your business in the best possible way. Our team members are highly skilled and experienced with providing a multitude of CRM development services to brands of all sizes.

Designed to Fit Your Brand

Our custom CRM development company tailors every development project to fit each client’s needs. We don’t just provide custom development of CRM solutions, but we can also modify an existing CRM to fit your brand’s needs.

24/7 Active Help Desk

Our customer support panel is available to answer your queries whenever you want to get in touch with us from whatever area in the world. Our team values your comfort and will work hard to be of use to you at each step of your project.

One Roof, Multiple Services

2BTech is an IT solutions company that is  known for bringing various services to the table under one roof. Our custom CRM development company can work on different CRM projects at once so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of hiring another agency.

The Client is the Priority

Our CRM software development company makes you the focus of your project by keeping you in the loop at every step of the process. We prioritize client communication and collaboration and will do our best to give you a superior customer experience.

Competitive Price Point 

Each custom CRM software solution is priced differently for every client, depending on many factors. However, one thing that remains constant is our ability to provide clients with personalized quotes which are competitive and within their budgets.
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Discovery Call Booking

The first step is booking a brief call with our CRM software development company expert. Once scheduled, we will hold a 15-minute meeting with you to get to know your business model and the right CRM strategy fit for it. 

Quote Generation

Quote Generation & Acceptance

After examining everything, our leading CRM development company will send you a personalized quote. Once you accept it, our CRM software developers will officially start your project. 

Our Standard CRM Platform Development Procedure

crm consultant

CRM System Development & Reporting

We will keep you updated with our software building process and get your feedback at every product development stage. Our team will develop a CRM which aligns with your desired output.

Software Launch & Maintenance

Software Launch & Maintenance 

The final step is launching your new CRM software and maintaining it properly. Maintenance is done and recommended to preserve the full functionality of a CRM platform.

Our CRM Products 

Our experienced CRM development company offers the following CRM products to businesses:

Web Based CRM Development

We provide web CRM application development services for brands to comfortably manage their operations online.

Mobile CRM Software Development

Our CRM development company helps businesses with launching their mobile CRM applications with ease.

Teaching CRM Use 

Our digital agency also offers training to beginner CRM users to help them navigate through the system.

Who We Serve

Small Businesses

Hire CRM developers at 2BTech and develop a custom CRM platform for your small or home-based business.

Large Enterprises

Widen the horizons for your large sized company by getting a custom enterprise CRM built for its prime management.

Mid-Sized Businesses

Invest in your medium sized company and its employees by creating a unique CRM system with 2BTech. 

Let Your Brand Flourish with the Best CRM Services on the Market

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Our Expertise in CRM Technology Stacks

Our Expertise in CRM Technology Stacks

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