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Social Media Marketing Services That Move The Needle

Digital media has taken the world by storm. Technology is more accessible today than how it was a few years ago. Due to this, more and more people have started using the internet. This has had a significant impact on the business community.
Business owners are now focusing on creating a strong digital and social media presence for their brands. Various online-only businesses have also sprung up in the past few years.
COVID-19 has also largely contributed to the rise of online selling and buying. It has shown the world that instead of using conventional approaches to business, one should establish a unique profile online.
That is what we are here for.
2BTech offers social media marketing services to help business owners build an irresistible brand online. Our team wants to help YOU perfect your social media marketing strategy.

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Our Social Media Service

2BTech is one of the most trusted social media marketing services provider. We have helped several brands boost their online sales with our various services.
We offer a wide range of social media marketing services, such as:

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (or SMM), in simple words, is a type of online marketing technique. Like any other marketing strategy, it is used to increase a digital brand’s revenue.
The ultimate goal of any social media marketing plan is to link a brand with its social media. With time, this will improve its ranking on multiple search engines. It will bump the brand site’s impressions and eventually increase sales.
This makes online marketing extremely competitive, especially for new small businesses. So, it is vital to have a professional social media marketing services expert working on your brand.

Adults and kids are active online today, which makes the internet an excellent space for promoting your brand. Our digital marketing agency is here to make that happen for you.

What Our Social Media Marketing Company Offers


Facebook Marketing

2BTech's professional social media marketing services team will substantially improve the way you do online business by running successful Facebook marketing campaigns to maximize your online engagement with the targeted audience and potential clients.


Instagram Marketing

2BTech has a long list of testimonials by satisfied clients for whom we have generated successful Instagram marketing campaigns. In most cases, the marketing done through Instagram encompasses online businesses of clothing brands, watches, and other items related to lifestyle.

linked in

LinkedIn Marketing

Through the LinkedIn marketing services, business holders and influencers on the platform can target their intended audience and can also target competent employees for their jobs. All of this and much more can be made possible by 2BTech’s LinkedIn marketing service.


Snapchat Marketing

One of the best platforms for earning a huge number of unprecedented revenues is SnapChat. 2BTech enables its clients to avail our Snapchat marketing services to flourish their online engagement and gain organic audience automatically increasing their revenues.

Engage your audience on social media and grow your online presence with social media marketing packages to meet your business needs.​

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What Is Social Media Management

Social Media Management or Social Media Advertising refers to analyzing a brand’s social media accounts and creating a personalized marketing strategy accordingly.

We offer social media account management services as part of our social media marketing services. We believe that digital management and marketing go hand-in-hand with each other.

Our management team will engage with your audience, publish new content daily, analyze your account activity, and work closely with our marketing experts to generate the best results for your brand.

How Is Social Media Marketing Essential For Your Business?

Nowadays, every other business is searching for affordable social media management services. There are plenty of reasons why social media advertising and management have become so popular today.

It has been found that 55% of internet users discover new brands through social media. So, by building a good social media image, you are more likely to be discovered by thousands of people.

Consumers don’t only use social media to learn about new brands; it is also actively used by shoppers to find products. In the last year alone, 43% of internet users used social media to discover new products.

Social media platforms can be lucrative not only for B2C businesses, as mentioned above but also for B2B companies. For example, 96% of B2B businesses use LinkedIn for content marketing and generating leads. 

No matter what industry you’re in, you can always use social media. This makes social media so powerful for business owners and marketing teams.

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Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Wondering how our social media marketing services will benefit you? There are uncountable benefits of using the right social media marketing plan. The main ones are mentioned below:

Better Exposure

More than half of the world’s total population is on the internet currently. Almost everyone has access to a cellphone, tablet, or a computer. There’s no better way to gain unlimited exposure than via online marketing. social media marketing allows brand owners to market their businesses without having to worry about geographical restrictions. They can reach hundreds of thousands of people almost instantly.

Independence & Control

Social Media Marketing allows users and managers to track their brand’s progress on a daily basis. Social media is also a great tool for studying your competitors. You can add new exciting features to your brand and announce them on social media whenever you want. Through it, you can host giveaways, do live streams, offer discounts, and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

Individualized Audience Targeting

Marketing a brand the traditional way comes with much rejection. Why? Simply because not everyone is interested in the product/service you offer. There’s a market for everything, and social media marketing allows you to reach your targeted audience group. Hence, it allows brands to make more sales while wasting less energy.

Greater Customer Outreach

Suppose you are given a target of reaching 10,000 people. If you were to do that physically, it would be very difficult, impossible even. You would have to travel a lot, use lots of fuel, talk a lot, and even then, you might not be able to achieve this goal. With the internet, you can do that in minutes.

Higher Customer Trust

About 55% of people look up a business’s reviews online before purchasing from it. For example, before visiting a restaurant, almost everyone reads its reviews online and checks out its social media pages. So, the more powerful your online accounts, the better your chances of winning customers.

Enhanced Profitability

SMM can produce a fairly decent ROI (Return on Investment) for your brand. Because of its low costs and affordable nature, many business owners use social media to reach large audience groups. If done correctly, the monetary return is fruitful in most cases.

Why Our Social Media Marketing Agency Is The Best Option?

If you are looking for fully customized social media marketing services for your brand, then 2BTech is your go-to social media marketing agency. Our team hyper focuses on generating real results for our clients within the specified timeframe.

Our prices are also kept as affordable as possible to make sure that our services are accessible to not only large corporations, but also small and medium sized businesses.
By hiring 2BTech, you are hiring an entire team of industry experts with years of experience under their belts. We offer every major service a business needs for smooth and successful functioning.
Hence, we can handle multiple tasks for you, so you won’t have to look for different services at different places. We also offer 24/7 customer support for your convenience.

Our social media experts have worked with various clients around the world, and they’re always ready to design the perfect social media marketing strategy for your brand

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