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What You Need to Know About Node JS?

Node JS is a server environment that is open-source and can run on Linux, Windows, macOS, Unix, and more. This technology uses Chrome’s V8 JavaScript to develop fast and scalable applications (both front-end and back-end). NodeJS has been reported as the most famous and well-reputed server environment in the United States – more than 6.3 million sites are using it.
When we talk about its popularity on a worldwide level, then according to W3Tech, 1.4%-2.2% of total global websites use Node JS. This indicates that Node JS is powering 30 million websites worldwide, especially those sites that receive a large traffic flow on a daily basis.
Also, did you know that there are many notable brands that are using NodeJS for the running of their sites and apps? Some well-known examples include Netflix, PayPal, GoDaddy, Uber, and Yahoo.

But what could be the reason behind the jaw-dropping fame of Node JS and why are so many people and businesses using it for important projects? There are plenty of benefits associated with this innovative technology, which is why 2BTech introduces the most trustable and inclusive Node JS development services for the benefit of your business.

Let’s explore the Node JS Development Services offered by 2BTech!.

Our Node JS Development Solutions

From Node JS web development to app and API creation, our Node JS developers have got you covered in this area from every aspect. Outsource your Node JS projects and hire some of the best Node JS development services specialists on the market for your business task.

Node JS Web Development Services

Our Node JS development services team is at your service for building the most reliable website for your brand. Our web development company will create a highly functioning, completely optimized, fully protected, error-free, and creatively designed site for your business, so that your ideal consumers can find you online without any complications.

Node JS App Development Services

We can professionally build web and mobile digital applications that are user-friendly, safe, efficient, targeted, and flawlessly designed for your business. These applications are created and designed in accordance with your target audience, nature of your product/service, and other factors.

We are offering the following app Node JS development services for app creation


Web App Creation

Web apps are getting increasingly popular in various business spaces, especially for the purpose of branding. With our web app development service, you will get a Node JS web application delivered for your brand with great UI and UX designs to appeal to your target market. Our full-stack Node JS web development company can perform the building and testing of your web application to make sure you are purposefully attracting your ideal consumer to your business.

Mobile App Creation

More than half of worldwide population is using the internet through mobile devices. Thus, it is smart to create a specific platform to cater to mobile users. 2BTech is providing reliable, professional-looking full-stack mobile application solutions to clients all around the world. Our Node JS development services experts can create a stunning, smoothly functioning, and attractive mobile app to increase your brand’s marketing and revenue streams.


Node JS API Development Services

API or Application Programming Interface is essential for the interaction of an application with other applications external to its own code. Put simply, APIs can help in the communication of two or more than two computer programs. Our Node JS developers specialize in the building of APIs using Node JS to promote undisturbed communication between your programs.

Node JS Plugin Development Services

The Node JS development services experts at 2BTech are highly trained and ready to serve you. By opting for a consultancy session with one of our specialists, you are seeking advice and opinion of an experienced professional on your task. Our consultants will guide you from A to Z regarding your next Node JS web or mobile project and help you make a smarter decision for your brand.


Node JS Web/App Maintenance Services

Our tech agency will take care of the recurring maintenance tasks associated with your launched application or site. Our development team will look after the behind the scenes as well as the front-facing facets of your business website or application, so you can keep communicating with customers without coming into contact with frustrating technical problems.

Node JS Consultancy Services

Our Node JS development services consultants are highly trained and ready to serve you. By opting for a consultancy session with one of our specialists, you are seeking advice and opinion of an experienced professional on your task. Our consultants will guide you from A to Z regarding your next Node JS web or mobile project and help you make a smarter decision for your brand.

Our consultancy solutions can be divided into two main categories:
node js task or assistance

Node JS Task Or Assistance

Need professional help with your Node JS task or assistance with making an important decision relevant to this program? If yes, then our one-time consultancy service is a great fit for you. Our consultant will help you with anything related to NodeJS web development, application creation, plugin and API development, and how you can incorporate these useful services into your brand's digital persona. We want to empower you to make better business decisions and be free from all confusion for fruitful results.

Consultancy Solutions

Consultancy Solutions

Our on-going consultancy solutions can walk you through all aspects of your NodeJS task at any point in time. These services are ongoing and thus, you can reach out to our team of consultants whenever need be. The 2BTech consultants will cooperate with you to generate the most desirable results for your brand online - may it be the building of your Node JS product, its optimization, or marketing it to an interested audience - we are here to help. Our consultants are fully transparent with every client to help them achieve advantageous yet realistic business results.

The Advantages of Node JS for Your Next Project

2BTech’s Node JS development services offers various benefits to developers and businesses that make it a go-to for project development all around the world. Following are some of the most prominent advantages of this modern technology:

Our Development Process

Our Node JS development services uses the following simple, time-saving process for the completion of each client’s business task.

discovery call-01-01

Stress-Free Discovery Call Scheduling

We encourage clients to schedule a completely free discovery call with the 2BTech team. This step ensures our full understanding of your business model, nature of your product, goals, and other important factors before our developers can begin working on your project.

Proof of Value Document-01-01

Generating a Strategy Plan & Quote

When we have a thorough understanding of what you are looking for, we will brainstorm a project completion strategy plan for you. This plan will be tailored to the needs of your company and will take care of the task's deadline. The personalized quote we generate next will be based on this plan.

Consultation Call-01-01

Initiating & Managing Your Project

We will send you your customized quote and, once accepted, assign your project to our Node JS development services expert for completion. Additionally, you will get your own project manager who will be in charge of managing your task. You can reach out to your project manager anytime regarding other queries as well.


Making Final Touches & Launching Your Project

Our highly skilled Node JS developers will communicate with you via your project manager to make sure that your task is being delivered the way you want. Once your project is in its finishing phase, our team will finalize everything with you and, after you give us your valuable approval, will securely launch your website or application.

project completion-01-01

Maintaining Your Launched Site or Application

After the completion and launching of your project, we strongly suggest that you take advantage of our website/application maintenance services. Our Node JS development services specialists will not only protect your business site or application, but they will also ensure its healthy functioning to deliver a great user experience to your visitors every time.

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Why is mobile app creation so important?

According to reports, there are more than 7 million active mobile phone users. Additionally, it has been estimated that roughly 90% of all cell phone users are using apps instead of browsing the mobile web. This means mobile apps hold a huge marketing potential, and brands can benefit from that by creating their own phone applications.

Almost every big-name brand has its own mobile app in place, for example: Facebook, LinkedIn, and WordPress. So, mobile app creation is crucial to the digital success of your company because it opens a whole new marketing universe. With inclusive help from our development and consultancy teams, you can tap into mobile app creation to reach more people and be more visible in the digital marketing and branding universe. 

At 2BTech, every client is offered two main hiring model options to choose from. These models work differently and are designed to fulfill the needs of two distinct types of clients and their businesses.

Mentioned below are the details you need to know regarding our two engagement or hiring models:

Fixed IT Staffing Hiring Model:

This engagement model allows you to use the talent of 2BTech’s skilled team members for your digital brand’s growth. Since there are no time or budget restrictions here, this model enables business owners and managers to acquire our agency’s expertise without being bound.

The fixed IT staffing option allows you to create your own budget as you go. It also provides you with sufficient flexibility when it comes to work hours, scheduling, and budgeting. Hence, 2BTech’s fixed IT staffing model is perfect for those clients who want to complement the skillset of their existing team and use our professional assistance for the completion of a limited number of projects.

Dedicated Team Hiring Model:

This engagement model is all about bringing you the stability you are looking for your important tasks. This model offers a fixed work schedule with a dedicated number of hours per week. It also has a fixed budget allocated for all projects.
The dedicated team model will allow you to gain access to 2BTech’s entire IT team. We will utilize our combined skillset as well as our tools and resources to complete and manage your tasks in the best way possible. This engagement model is perfect for clients who have a steady flow of tasks that they need specialized help with. Here, the 2BTech team will grow your business collaboratively.

We at 2BTech have a fundamental set of non-negotiable values that we always abide by, regardless of who we are working with and what service we are providing. These values are: • Transparency & Honesty: We are always honest and upfront with each of our clients. We believe in being 100% transparent with everyone from the get-go so that they know what to expect and what goals they can achieve for their business by using our services from a realistic view-point. From the discovery calls we have with our clients, all the way to delivery and after-care services, we choose to be clear with the client about how we work and the objectives we are trying to achieve. Therefore, following the principles of ethics, accountability, and integrity is vital in our international agency’s day-to-day operations. 

Innovation (Instead of Imitation): At 2BTech, we are always striving to improve our services and bringing innovative changes to everything we do. Our team stays on top of the latest tech trends and keeps its skillset updated. We aspire to bring about transformation for every client’s brand in a way that will highly benefit them in the days, months, and years to come. We are always thinking futuristically, and so, we will always work hard to not just implement innovative strategies to our own agency’s processes, but also to our clients’. We do this by brainstorming our own fresh ideas instead of imitating someone else’s.

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