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The Penetration of Blockchain into the IT & Business Industry

The Penetration of Blockchain into the business world is basically decentralized data storage in the form of blocks. These blocks are “chained” together and allow the smooth conduction of business data as well as transactions within various networks. IT & Business Industry.
Blockchain software development presents an independent and unconventional opportunity for global businesses to set up legal contracts, send and receive transactions, and form strong brand-consumer bonds.
The Blockchain platform has taken the corporate and IT world by storm due to the ease of asset and information-sharing it offers via its modern features. We at 2BTech are now providing custom Blockchain software development services to clients around the world.
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Our Leading Blockchain Software Development Services

Blockchain App Development Services

Our Blockchain application development services are highly reliable if you are looking to acquire an interactive, secure business app. We ensure the end-to-end encryption of your Blockchain application solution, so that you can win more customers with a stellar, well-protected digital brand.

Blockchain Web Development

Our Blockchain software development services team specializes in building attractive Blockchain websites that function exceptionally well. Such websites have fast payment processing capabilities and are an ecommerce store owner’s best choice due to their ROI-boosting potential.

Blockchain Consulting

Want to build Blockchain solutions for your business but confused about the first step? Hire our Blockchain software development services consultants now. The 2BTech consultants can be of service to your business not just in the revenue and brand-building departments but also in the areas of data safety.

Hire Our Blockchain Software Development Services in the USA and Transform How Your Business Functions

Why Use Blockchain for Business?

The development of blockchain software has a lot of advantages. Following are some of the main benefits you can enjoy as a Blockchain user

Minimizes Manual Labor

Blockchain reduces the need of manual labor to perform redundant tasks via automation. This can help boost your staff’s productivity because this time saved can be utilized handling other important business aspects. Blockchain solutions also decrease the risk of dealing with human errors, which in many cases, can cost quite a bit to fix.

Faster Transactions

Blockchain helps businesses carry out faster, much more streamlined transactions. It gives companies an access to smart payment systems that are transparent, free from any possible mistakes, and way quicker than other technologies out there. This further helps save their time and revolutionizes their business dealing procedures.

End-to-End Encryption

Blockchain is really unbeatable when it comes to securing your company’s private information. It makes it extremely difficult for any hacker to get inside your database system. Additionally, when compared with traditional technology, Blockchain has a way better ability to manage issues related to privacy through data anonymization.

Builds Smart Contracts

A major benefit that Blockchain offers is that it facilitates the convenient creation of smart contracts for companies. These smart contracts consist of the terms and conditions that are stored in codes and protected via a decentralized blockchain network. Whenever the given terms reach fulfillment, the codes self-execute.

Saves Your Money

Blockchain can save your business thousands of dollars by automating all the exhausting manual tasks and reducing the need for middlemen or authority figures for settling disputes or making transactions. This technology allows companies to solve problems independently without involving any third-party and then funding such external help.

Promotes Consumer Engagement

Blockchain technology incorporates trust, transparency, simplicity, and innovation into business processes. It can make your interactions with potential buyers more fruitful and help you provide them with a good customer experience at a faster pace. This promotes higher engagement and helps identify and expand your loyal consumer community.

Organizes & Records Your Data

Transactions become easily recordable with Blockchain. You can organize, trace, and re-visit your financial transactions anytime, worldwide. Your finances become reliable and trustworthy. This solidifies the financial security of your business and gives you strong confidence to make and receive transfers without stressing over the receipts.

Streamlines Your Supply Chain

Since the supply chain is the base of any business, it is useful to know that Blockchain has the power to streamline your company’s supply chain tasks. It can simplify all supply chain processes and make them trackable, from the manufacturing of material to its transportation to a fixed location and finally its delivery to a buyer’s doorstep

Connects Businesses to Newer Potential Audiences

Blockchain can also enable your business to reach a wider consumer group. It can help direct authentic traffic towards your brand and create marketing campaigns that can boost its ROI. You can study your existing customer base and use newer campaigns to appeal to a wide variety of people that fit your ideal consumer avatar.

Why Should You Go for 2BTech's Blockchain Software Development Solutions?

all in one resource for brands

An All-in-One Resource for Brands

We provide different IT services under one umbrella, so that our clients don't have to stress about hiring multiple people.

skillfull fast and cost effective

Skillful, Fast & Cost-Effective

Our blockchain software development services are delivered within our clients' desired deadlines. They are budget-friendly and provided by our skilled team.

incomparable customer support

Incomparable Customer Support

We assist clients from all over the world, 24/7. So, no matter where you reside, you can get in touch with us within minutes.

Blockchain is the future. So, do business the innovative and effective way with 2BTech's Blockchain software development services.

An Overview of Our Development Process

Our blockchain software development services experts follow a structured process when working on any Business IT solution service.

Mentioned below are the main steps that are strictly followed:
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Hopping on a Brief Call

The initial step is scheduling a short but productive discovery call with the 2BTech team. Please select a time and date that will serve to be convenient for you. Our blockchain software development services expert will then contact you via email and finalize the meeting. During the call, we will study the details of your business and its goals for the short-term and long-term

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Drafting the Project Plan & Quote

On the basis of whatever we discuss during the discovery call, we will create a customized project strategy for your brand. This strategy will be designed specifically to fit your business and accomplish your goals. You will also be given a personalized quote by our team. Additionally, the deadline of your development task will be mutually decided.

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Initiating & Monitoring Your Project

After we have your approval on the drafted strategy plan as well as the quote, our developers will begin working on your Blockchain project. Our Blockchain software development services will also assign the management of your task to one of our professional project managers, so that you can easily get updated on the status of your project anytime.


Completing & Launching Your Solution

Once we reach the final stages of our custom blockchain software development process, we will prepare it for launching when we know for sure that you are satisfied with the finished product. We will take all the necessary safety measures before launching your Blockchain solution into the digital space to keep you secure from any hackers or cyber threats.

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Maintenance & Site After-Care

We can handle all the complicated maintenance tasks for you to keep your website in proper function for a long time. This step is optional but our blockchain software development experts advise clients to use this service for the health of their business. Your website should not face any type of problems because it is truly a reflection of your brand and an engagement tool for your audience.

We Have Provided Awesome Blockchain Software Development Experiences To Numerous Clients

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Can your software developers carry out smart contract development for businesses?
Yes, our Blockchain solution experts know the ins and outs of developing smart contracts for all types and sizes of brands. These contracts can be built quickly and are capable of safeguarding interests of the parties involved in the agreement.

We have 2 main types of hiring models for all clients to choose from:

Fixed IT Staffing Model: This option works excellent for clients who want to leverage the talent of our team members without committing to a long-term plan. The working hours or budget won’t be rigid here. Instead, they will vary depending upon your project needs.

Dedicated Team Model: This model works best for those clients who have a consistent flow of specific projects that require the expertise of an entire IT team for completion. So, through this option, you will be working with the 2BTech team as a whole. A fixed working hour schedule and budget plan will be followed.

There are multiple methods of approaching 2BTech. You may directly call us at the company’s official number given on our website. You can also write to us via our site’s contact page and email address, or shoot us a message on social media. Additionally, free to drop by at our Lahore office if that’s what’s convenient for you.

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