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2B Tech offers your business a highly skilled custom ERP Software development Services of product and industry experts along with immensely experienced ERP developers, project managers, IT consultants, Business Analysts, and QA engineers. At the initial stage of the collaboration, our very own skilled business analysts hold vital meetings with the technical and non-technical staff of your company. This helps us to not only identify and holistically understand all your business processes, but also allows us to identify specific requirements for a software product and prepare detailed and structured documents by analyzing complex company information as part of the implementation phase.

Why is an ERP Solution Important For You?

A modern business is like a moving raging engine that constantly requires modern approaches to proper management of all the moving parts. In the traditional times, businesses incorporated different types of systems to manage the functions of their business like finance, manufacturing, HR, and even supply chain. All of the functional areas required the usage of multiple systems – both physical and automated – using separate channels, which meant little to no communication across functional areas. However, the modern-day world of integration has introduced businesses to modern techniques like the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. ERP software possesses the digital technology of cloud integration that streamlines your workflows and truly makes you a ’21 century modern-day business’.


Need A Custom Developed ERP Solution? Do Not Worry We Got You Covered!

Developers in our team are well-equipped in creating an ERP system catering specifically to the needs of your business and addressing key functionality issues and loopholes within your operations. Our ERP developers work on your databases, test software, and provide an uninterrupted system of communication by holding technical meetings.

2B Tech offers the implementation of top-of-the-shelf ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics in order to introduce seamless fluidity to your business. We also have the ability to create a custom ERP system of our own catering specifically to a particular business’s needs. Using an ERP system would allow multiple functional areas of your business, like the supply chain and accounting department, to not only visualize but also manage data altogether to align and reduce internal costs. Since all the departments of your organization will have access to the same tools and data, your communication stream across the company will streamline, thereby increasing productivity and advocating better decision making.

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