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Resource Planning Software Solutions Designed According to Your Business Needs

Most companies consist of various departments that need some sort of communication and collaboration with each other to yield lucrative results. Each department has a number of areas that require special attention.
But as an owner or manager, you can only do so much. Plus, it is not a guarantee that you would get the results you want due to factors such as dealing with inevitable human errors.
In such scenarios, having a reliable, error-free management software by your side at all times will help your brand tremendously. ERP software solutions can save your time and help your team manage your brand in a more efficient way through proper planning and coordination.
2BTech brings ERP solutions that enable brand owners to make their existing customers happy and prepare for the future more strategically. We develop leading ERP systems for anyone wanting to take their management up several notches and massively improve their ROI rates.
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Our Custom ERP Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning development services by 2BTech serve clients through ERP solutions tailored to their goals, demands, business type, etc. Our talented developers take everything into consideration before moving forward with any project.
Our goal with providing high quality ERP software development services is always to incorporate all essential corporate operations into one software while minimizing the client’s costs and maximizing their ROI.

At 2BTech, we offer 3 main types of ERP software development services:


On-Premises System Development

This type of solution is a great choice for managers looking to access their developed software via servers and devices that are located on-premise (e.g. inside an office). It is not possible to access this system remotely. The client will hold full control and ownership of this type of ERP solution.

Cloud-based ERP System Development

Also known as SaaS or Software as a Service, this type of ERP software is the ideal choice for managers who want their servers to be accessible remotely through a device that is actively connected to the internet.

Hybrid System Development

This type of ERP model has mixed functions that vary depending upon the service provider and the end-user. Due to its flexible nature, a hybrid system quickly adapts to business changes that may occur over the passage of time.

Software Modules Developed by Our ERP Software Development Company

We cover different modules within our comprehensive ERP software development services process to make sure that your brand has all its management needs met.

Benefits of Custom ERP Development Services for Your Brand 

Detailed Reporting 

Credible ERP software can help managers/owners stay on top of the business processes within their company using its error-free tracking and analysis functions. 

Maximum Security

Information confidentiality in any business is important. So, keep your data secure from cyber attacks and hackers by using the safety features offered by the latest ERP systems. 

Stabilize Your Inventory

Carry the right amount of inventory with you for the most promising results and profit margins. There is no more need to stress over excessive or too little inventory quantity. 

Software Stability 

Access your ERP application system from wherever you are in the world. With ERP, you do not need to worry about your system becoming unstable under any circumstances.

Expedited Cash Flow

Upgrade your payment process and make it headache-free for you and your audience. Revamp your invoicing strategies and get paid faster by customers without a delay. 

Save Time on Manual Labor

Enjoy automated feature-rich custom ERP applications and save time and money on manual labor. Focus on what’s more important while eradicating the possibility of human errors.

2BTech's ERP Software Development Process 

Our ERP software development services follows a simple yet an effective process for ERP solutions:

business review

Business Review

Before beginning any ERP implementation procedure, we make sure that we hop on a short discovery call with each client to analyze their business model and current requirements. Your ERP solution will be in accordance to that. 

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Our ERP software application development company will then start planning out your project. Through mutual agreement with the client, we will fix a realistic deadline, budget, KPIs, etc. in a way that works best for their company

stack selection

Stack Selection

In the third step, we will choose a technology stack that is likely to get the most optimum results for your brand. Our team of experts have plenty of experience in creating ERP systems using multiple technology stacks. 

erp app development

ERP App Development

Our professional developers start working towards your ERP software completion and launch. We make sure that the developed ERP software helps your company achieve its goals and is according to the custom plan devised by our team.

completing integration

Completing Integrations

In this part of the process, our team deploys and integrates the ERP software with other necessary systems, such as a vendor/supplier management portal, a secure payment gateway, a website, or a CRM system. 

project completion-01-01

Data/Information Migration 

Next step is to transfer your business data from your old system to your freshly developed Enterprise Resource Planning software. We make the safety and integrity of every client's data a priority while carrying out this task. 


Final Delivery & Deployment

Your ERP system will be delivered to you in this step. Our team always makes sure to check all quality assurance boxes before the final delivery to each client. 2BTech also provides training for beginner users, which is totally optional. 

Why 2BTech is a Top Client Choice for Custom ERP Software Development Services

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Our ERP software development services come at competitive rates and with exceptional quality work by our experienced ERP team.

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We build resource planning software as per the client's business requirements after a careful evaluation of their existing problem areas, goals, and company structure.

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We provide complete ERP support to clients, from design and development to implementation.

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Our developers have years of experience in ERP and how to make your business expand through it.

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We provide round-the-clock support to our valuable clients and we have several methods for you to reach us anytime

Make 2BTech Your Development Partner in Success 

Hire ERP developers who know how to transform your business. Start outsourcing your ERP software development projects today and set your brand on the right track for the days to come.

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