Web Development in the Age of AI

Web Development in the Age of AI: Predictions & Possibilities

It is a fact that we are currently living in a technologically advanced world. In recent years, AI or Artificial Intelligence has emerged as an enormous industry, and it has gotten consumers and businesses swarming around it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is basically the usage of human-like intelligence by machines. Today, around 48% of brands utilize AI to generate lucrative results.

But is this situation the same for the web development sector?

You see, we can examine AI for web development from a number of different angles. How can AI contribute to web development? How has it changed the market? What’s next for AI and web development?

We will look at all these aspects of web development AI in this article.

How is AI Transforming The Online World?

The AI has started to cover almost all aspects of our day to day life, but the following aspects have exponentially grown due to AI:

When customers land on a site, they want to see their preferred results fast. Voice recognition AI efficiently helps website visitors with this.

Customer Assistant Bots

Customer assistant AI technology can walk potential customers through any basic hurdle they may experience while visiting your site. They can quickly initiate personalized conversations with anyone and decrease your website’s bounce rate.

Artificial Intelligence can boost your site’s search engine rankings by streamlining your SEO-related tasks – from keyword research to highly searched topics for your web content.

Smart Data Collection

AI can collect essential consumer data for your business. Now you can analyze your ideal audience demographic productively and target them the right way.

Language Translation

Web development and artificial intelligence also go hand in hand when it comes to language translation. If you want to target visitors from a different country and don’t want them to face an issue comprehending the content on your site, AI can help.

AI Tools in Web Development

The evolution of AI into AI 2.0 in the last few years has really drawn the attention of many people toward AI tools. Here are some of the most sought-after ones for web development:


Although this widely popular AI resource can’t exactly write code, it can prove to be helpful for developers by allowing them to request code blocks and simplifying their other relevant coding projects.


Time is of the utmost importance for all developers. Hence, this AI assistant allows developers to save big on time by auto-completing codes.


Security cannot be compromised under any condition, so Snyk is an AI tool being used by many professional developers to enhance the security of their codes.


With this fast prototyping software, site designers can effortlessly transform physical sketches into a variety of prototypes, such as prototype development for landing pages and SaaS applications.

Can Web Development Be Automated?

Although it is true that web development using AI can potentially open up many doors of opportunity for businesses, it cannot be completely automated.

Yes, automation is absolutely possible to an extent. However, Artificial Intelligence can only build on the technology produced exclusively by humans.

Modern-day AIs struggle a lot with writing codes. There has been no AI invented yet that can create code that is 100% accurate. The maximum accuracy achieved up till now is 37%.

Therefore, it is important to remember that AI is intelligent, but it is not smart. AI can definitely assist tech professionals with development projects. However, it cannot take their place.

The Future of Web Development with AI

So, what is next in store for web development with the rising popularity of AI?

It is clear that AI has come to stay in all industries, not just website development. Human beings are exploring and enjoying the mind-blowing abilities of robots. Everyone is using this convenient technology to their advantage.

However, AI cannot be a substitute for human creativity, intellect, integrity, and passion. So, while the future of web development looks promising with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, the value of professional developers will certainly stay intact.

How to Get Started with AI for Your Business?

So, let’s face it: AI is providing a great user experience to website visitors and potential customers. This is primarily why so many brands are seeking out this latest tech solution.

But How To Use AI in Web Development?

The integration of Artificial Technology with a website can be quite a tricky procedure. We strongly recommend that you hire the help of experienced IT developers for the completion of this process.

And if you do not know where to go for this purpose, then do not worry, because 2BTech has truly got you covered. Our web development company knows the ins and outs of website development in addition to full AI features integration.

Our reputable agency has earned the trust of countless worldwide clients, and we are ready to serve you, too.

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