Is PWA the Future of Website Development?

In 2024, Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are going to change the web development world for the better. The tech space in general has undergone many changes in the last 2 to 3 years.

The main focus now is to make all technological solutions efficient. You might be thinking, “How can something be made more efficient?”

This can be done by incorporating various tech functions into one system. It brings a convenient experience to the user. PWAs do that.

What is a PWA?

Put simply, PWAs are basically web applications that function similarly to native mobile apps. Users can avail of them through their web browsers.

Because of their benefits, Progressive Web Apps are now being referred to as the future of responsive web design.

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PWAs – The Responsive Web Design of Tomorrow?

Today, website experts are relying on PWAs for building aesthetic and practical websites. PWAs also have a Drag-and-Drop facility through which developers and designers can create an attractive website fast.

There are essential design requirements that should be met besides responsiveness. Here are the most vital ones:

Device Adaptability

About 92.1% of people using the internet are doing so with their mobile phones. Progressive Web Applications make it easier for users to enjoy a native app-like web experience from all devices including cell phones.


When working on a website, it should be made as accessible as possible to everyone, regardless of their area of residence or network strength. PWAs can and should be designed to work well both online and offline.

Perks of PWA

Now lets have a look at the advantages of having PWA’s and why we should even consider the in the forst place;


Progressive Web Applications hold key to higher conversions. According to a report, PWAs can convert 36% more than native mobile applications.

Less Financially Demanding

It can take thousands of dollars for a person to build an app. On the other hand, a PWA is 3-4 times cheaper. Its maintenance costs are 33% less too! (Soucre: breezer)


PWAs are smaller than native mobile applications. Most of them have a size of 1 MB only. This means users will most likely not face storage problems with PWAs.

Good Security

A PWA is secure due to its programming being done in HTTPS. Unlike HTTP, HTTPS is safe enough to protect users’ personal information.


Speediness is one of the best features that PWAs offer.  This is also the reason for their low bounce rates. PWAs on average have a bounce rate of only 42.86%.

A Brief Comparison Between Progressive Web Apps, Native Apps, & Responsive Web Apps

Let us compare the Progressive Web Apps, Native Apps, and Responsive Web Apps by their installation, push notifications, clickable icon and loading speed to see which one of these is better;


A PWA and RWA do not require installation, while a Native App has to be installed by the user.

Push notifications

As mentioned before, PWAs can send push notifications to users. Native Applications can also do that. However, a Responsive Web Application does not do that.

Clickable icon

A PWA has a home screen icon similar to native applications. But this feature is not present in Responsive Web Apps.

Loading Speed

PWAs process and load data much quicker on all devices in comparison to RWAs and Native Apps.


PWAs are protected with HTTPS protocol. An RWA and Native App, on the other hand, are not required to follow this protocol.


Due to their benefits, PWAs are gaining popularity in different parts of the world. There is no doubt that the unique features of a PWA give it leverage over other forms of applications.

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