SEO or PPC: Which Marketing Strategy to Choose for Your Brand?

If you are looking to expand your online business empire, you need to look into PPC and SEO. Both are fruitful marketing strategies that can be utilized for business growth.

However, many brand owners experience a dilemma when figuring out which of the two they should go for.

This article serves the function of helping readers to properly comprehend the concepts of SEO and PPC and smartly decide between the two.

Also, explore the most reputable SEO services towards the end of the article and how you can make use of them today.

Introduction Of SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In the simplest of terms, it refers to the set of practices that are used to enable your site to climb up the rankings of popular search engines such as Google.

SEO, in more technical terms, provides content that is readable for both people and Google’s search crawlers.

Search Engine Optimization requires regular maintenance as every single search engine has a continually changing algorithm.

Some common examples of SEO include blogging, creating free videos, and SMM (Social Media Marketing).

Introduction Of PPC

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. Basically, it is a form of digital advertising through which you are charged every time someone clicks on your campaign.

So essentially you are paying money or bidding on relevant keywords to get your services or products noticed by your target audience.

There are three main terms that are useful to keep in mind when discussing PPC. ROI, CPC, and CTR.

  • ROI: ROI refers to Return On Investment, and it is the profit generated on the amount you have spent on your campaign.
  • CPC: CPC (Cost-Per-Click) is the price you have to pay each time someone clicks on your advertisement.
  • CTR: CTR or Click-Through-Rate is simply the ratio describing how usual it is for someone who sees your ad to actually click on it. One good example of PPC marketing is Google Ads.

Comparison Between SEO & PPC

Benefits & Setbacks of SEO


  • SEO is a great marketing tactic for building your customers’ loyalty and brand credibility. Most people are irritated by paid ads, so organic SEO is the best for attracting them.
  • When optimized properly and regularly, SEO can help your business stay ranked for a long time period. With PPC, your ranking will go down once you stop paying for the campaign.
  • Getting an SEO campaign up and running is affordable compared to Pay-Per-Click campaigns.


  • SEO can be quite slow and time-consuming when compared with PPC. It may take weeks or even months for proper lead generation.
  • SEO requires hard work and consistent maintenance in accordance with the algorithm.

Benefits & Setbacks of PPC


  • PPC yields fast results, which is useful when you are trying to stay ahead of your competitors from the get-go. With SEO, it may take you some time before you start seeing significant clicks and conversions.
  • PPC is not as high maintenance as SEO, because it is not heavily dependent on complicated algorithm changes.
  • The amount you invest in your PPC campaigns is under your full control. You can set a fixed daily budget and get an idea of the type of results you are getting within that budget.
  • With PPC, you can precisely target your ideal audience. These campaigns are based on audience demographics, keywords that are unique to your industry, location, etc. SEO does not grant you such a detailed targeting opportunity.


  • The more you invest in your PPC campaign, the better your results would be. This means you would have to seriously invest if you want to beat the competition. Also, you have to keep investing to continue seeing results.
  • Keyword research and selection for bidding can be a lengthy procedure.


So, which marketing method wins? The answer depends on your budget and goals.

If you are looking for immediate results and have a reasonable budget for marketing, PPC can give you substantial returns on your investment.

On the other hand, if you are okay with not getting your desired results right away, and are willing to invest energy and time into marketing, then SEO will be an excellent choice for your business.

We at 2BTech want to make sure that your business dominates in its respective industry, which is why our best advice for you would be to use a blend of both SEO and PPC for optimum results.

2BTech is offering digital marketing services in Austin Texas USA, including PPC and SEO that go beyond expectations.

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