Staff Augmentation or Dedicated Team

Staff Augmentation or Dedicated Team Hiring: Which One to Pick for Multiplied Business Success?

In business, one skill is just not enough. You have to collaborate with people who specialize in a variety of skills.

This is crucial to the consistent growth of your company. Hence, as a business owner, you want to be constantly on the lookout for professionals.

When we talk about acquiring talent, two terms are important to discuss. First is IT resource and staff augmentation and second is dedicated team hiring.

In this article, we will explore the difference between these two methods of working with professionals.

We will also be taking a dive into where to find the best IT staff augmentation services for your business in the USA. So, let’s get straight into it!

Staff Augmentation or Dedicated Team
Staff Augmentation or Dedicated Team

The IT Industry: A Business Need in 2024

The Information Technology market is rapidly developing. Currently, it is worth well over $8000 billion. The reason for the industry’s success lies in its people; the experts who serve as backbones for many global businesses.

There exists no internationally recognized brand that does not have support from IT professionals. Therefore, seeking assistance from Information Technology experts can change your business for the better.

Introduction to Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a hiring process where a company gets external professionals on board for specific projects for a limited time period. These professionals have skillsets that complement the skills of the company’s full-time staff.

IT resource and staff augmentation are also useful when one or more of your employees go on an emergency leave. The acquired professionals can easily fill in temporarily for the missing staff, hence saving your company from a big loss.

Staff Augmentation: Pros & Cons


Innovative Ideas

Letting an outside professional inside your team can help boost creativity. It allows a fresh mind with innovative ideas to enter the picture, which can yield advantageous results for your company.

Complete Freedom

With staff augmentation, you will be able to enjoy flexibility in terms of work hours and pay. The hired team can personalize their work hours according to your needs, and you can pay according to that.


As compared to building a full-time team from the ground up, getting talent on board with your company through staff augmentation is way less expensive – with no decrease in work quality.



An outside person may take time to adapt to your company. It can take a while for the hired professionals to learn fully about your business model and the overall context of your targeted projects.

Communication Issues

There are possibilities of certain communication gaps between the augmented team and your regular staff, particularly if the hired team does not possess very good communication skills.

Introduction to Dedicated Team Hiring

A dedicated team is a group of people who work permanently with your company. They are your full-time employees who are on a fixed weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payroll.

Dedicated teams are useful when you have projects to complete that do not require any extra skillset to manage.

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Dedicated Team: Pros & Cons



Your employees can offer you more stability in regard to project management and completion since they are better familiar with your business and clientele.


Your dedicated team will be easier for you to reach since they will most likely be present physically in the office, which is not always the case with augmented teams.


Since your dedicated employees are attached long-term to your brand, it will be easier for you to trust them as compared to an unknown augmented team.



A dedicated team can be pricey in the sense that you would have to pay them a fixed salary on a regular basis, regardless of the number of work hours they put in.

Stagnant Growth

Without any unbiased third-person perspective and a set of diverse skills, your company is more likely to be stuck in a state of no growth or further progress.

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When deciding between staff augmentation and hiring a dedicated team, think of your business needs. What does your project require at the moment?

If your in-house employees have skillsets that are good enough for an ideal project outcome, then it is best to stick with them and believe in the process.

However, if your project requires extra help and skills to be managed, then finding great IT staff augmentation services is the right choice.

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