Social Media Marketing – Organic vs. Paid

Social Media Marketing – Organic vs. Paid

Social media marketing is being used by many brands currently. In fact, it is so effective that 71% of small to medium-sized companies leverage it for marketing purposes.

Social media marketing can be divided into 2 major types: Organic and Paid. Our social media marketing agency in Pakistan uses both to attain the best results for our clients.

In this article, we will be discussing each type as well as analyzing the pros and cons. So, if you are deciding which of these two types to adopt for your business, then dive in.

Organic Social Media Marketing

Organic social media marketing is when you advertise your business on a social media platform for free. For example, let’s say you create a page for your brand.

Whenever you post content on that page with the intention of growing your followers and getting more exposure, you are organically marketing your brand on social media.

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Paid social media marketing is when a business pays for exposure. For example, when you head over to a social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram, you will notice ads on your timeline or stories.

You may also find influencers advertising their posts to gain traction. It means that the page is paying the social media platform to have its post or posts showcased to a targeted group of people. 

Comparison Between the Two

Both these types have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Given below are the main ones to help you choose.

Organic Social Media Marketing

Let’s talk about the pro’s and con’s of organic social media marketing;


  • Stronger community: This strategy of social media marketing focuses more on building solid connections with an audience instead of direct promotion. This helps in fostering greater brand loyalty.
  • Easy on the Budget: Organic social media marketing is free, which means you do not have to worry about putting together a marketing budget for it.
  • Establishes Communication: Through this marketing strategy, people can talk to you directly and spend time to really get to know your brand. This can convert them into long-term loyal customers.


  • Generalized: The organic type of social media marketing does not target people precisely.
  • Time Consuming: With this marketing method, it usually takes quite a lot of time to get noticed. You would have to put in a lot of work to develop your social media page from scratch and create a community of followers.
  • Limits Exposure: This type can be limiting in the sense that only your followers will be able to see your marketing content. People who are not following you might never know that your business exists.

Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of paid social mdeia marketing;


  • Specific Targeting: Paid social media marketing allows you to specifically filter through people and reach your ideal customer group.
  • Fast Results: With this type, brands can acquire quick returns in terms of revenue. It takes a lot less time and effort.
  • Trackable: Paid social media advertising will enable you to track your results. It will help you see your progress, what is working well and what needs to be modified within your campaign.


  • Short-term success: You might not be able to form a closely knitted community of followers with this method. The success achieved using this type can be short-lived.
  • Too Salesy: Brands usually end up annoying their potential customers instead of marketing to them.
  • Requires a Budget: To run a marketing campaign, you need to invest in it. Whether you will get a return or not is unknown.

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Which One to Choose?

All marketing techniques in the world have their own beneficial features and flaws. It is up to you how you go about implementing an advertising method in your business.

We would recommend using a blend of both these types for optimum results.

According to research, above 35% of marketers use a fusion of organic and paid social media marketing strategies for their projects.


Both paid and organic social media marketing practices can be valuable, depending on your use. As we mentioned, they are better when paired together.

Hiring professional assistance can be useful here since marketing is oftentimes a trial-and-error for most companies, especially paid social media advertising.

2BTech is a Digital & Social Media Marketing Agency serving businesses locally and beyond the border.

Our experienced social media marketing experts are ready to work with you to secure a winning online presence for your company. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our digital marketing agency. Utilize our social media marketing services and take your brand to the next level on digital media.

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