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With the advent of the 21st century especially in the recent few years, we have seen a huge spike in the number of new online businesses. Have you ever pondered over the fact that what is the reason behind this surge? The answer is quite simple. The number of people using the internet has significantly increased with each passing year. The onslaught of the Covid-19 epidemic has caused substantial growth in the revenues of the majority of online businesses. Contrary to this, the conventional and traditional means to do business have taken a huge hit slashing down their revenues and some of the businesses have gone bankrupt in the ensuing months. A probable question that might be arising in your mind right now that might be where does 2BTech step in all of this? Hold your horses because the following paragraphs will be revolving around this very question.

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The team of experts at 2BTech is well aware of the fact that repute precedes the work. 2BTech is Pakistan’s largest digital marketing agency to enable people to do successful online business. We do this by providing a wide range of digital marketing services such as top-notch web development services, engaging content marketing campaigns, interacting social media marketing services, top-grade email marketing services, and much more. For each of the aforementioned services, we have a dedicated article that you would be delighted to read. Since this content piece is going to be about the best social media marketing agency Pakistan, no one can address this better than us. This is because we are popular not just for our unparalleled social media marketing agency Pakistan, but we also have complete expertise in all other digital marketing services.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the kind of internet marketing in which social media is used to boost engagement for the online business. This can be done through Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, or even YouTube. The main goal is to link the social media platform with the online business. Resultingly, the position of the website/online business will improve in the Search engines. Study shows that 90% of the people surfing the internet do not go beyond the first page of the search engine. Out of those 90% people, 70% open the first three links of the first page of the search engine. Owing to the highly competitive nature of the online world, it is mandatory to have a top-notch digital marketing agency on your team. As every adult, as well as kids, use social media in their daily routine. This daily usage usually goes from 1 hour to 3 hours on average. In this way, it makes social media one of the most prominent ways to boost your online presence in return raising your revenues.

Facebook Marketing

The team of professionals at 2BTech will substantially improve the way you do online business by running successful Facebook marketing campaigns to maximize your online engagement with the targeted audience and potential clients.

Instagram Marketing

2BTech has a long list of testimonials by satisfied clients for whom we have generated successful Instagram marketing campaigns. In most cases, the marketing done through Instagram encompasses online businesses of clothing brands, watches, and other items related to lifestyle.


Services Offered By 2BTech

LinkedIn Marketing

Through the LinkedIn marketing services, business holders and influencers on the platform can target their intended audience and can also target competent employees for their jobs. All of this and much more can be made possible by 2BTech’s LinkedIn marketing service.

Snapchat Marketing

One of the best platforms for earning a huge number of unprecedented revenues is SnapChat. 2BTech enables its clients from all across Pakistan and beyond to avail our Snapchat marketing services to flourish their online engagement and gain organic audience automatically increasing their revenues.