PPC Campaigns VS Social Media Marketing

PPC Campaigns VS Social Media Marketing – Which One Is The Best Option For Your ECommerce Store?

This unchallenged question has created a frenzy in the digital marketing world. All e-commerce leaders are looking to find the right answer that will transform their brand from the ordinary to an extraordinary money-maker. Undeniably, both these approaches have their strengths and weaknesses; you just have to see which suits you the best.

There is no magic answer that will elevate a brand’s profits and would widen the customer base; the impact of each strategy is profoundly associated with the nature of business and goals of the marketing leaders.

Let us make your life a bit easier by helping you learn about these compelling strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become an integral part of the eCommerce ecosystem; the sheer volume of traffic and the degree of reach that is granted by online platforms is unmatchable. But is it the right fit for your eCommerce business?

Let’s find out!


  • Social media marketing can help you create brand awareness at a global level; by implementing a robust strategy, you can engage a broader audience and boost your visibility.
  • Posting actively on social media is a great way to drive an immense volume of website traffic. Once you have developed a winning campaign, the paid traffic will upgrade your business to the next level.
  • You attain the ultimate power to boost conversions by connecting with your audience every time they reach out or comment on your post.
  • You get the opportunity to create a convincing and powerful brand image that holds immense power to influence buying decisions.
  • Also You have this channel to connect and listen to your audience and utilize their valuable opinions and useful feedback to tailor your product to fit their needs.
  • You can provide an exceptional customer experience and reinforce positive purchasing behavior.


  • Executing a creative idea into a successful campaign demands a lot of time.
  • It is very difficult to run a successful social media marketing campaign; there is an awful lot of determinants to keep track of.

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PPC Campaigns

It is time to beef up your PPC campaign strategies because this approach is one of the most favorite models of online advertising experts for businesses of all scales. Let us find out if it is the right fit for your eCommerce store or not.


  • It is a great way to start making some real money immediately; if you have launched a brand-new eCommerce website, PPC ads can help you come into the limelight and in front of potential customers.
  • There are tons of platforms for you to explore and conquer with PPC. You can collect big data from all these channels for advanced targeting.
  • If you have earned a competitive advantage, you are in an absolute win-win situation. With PPC, you can greatly leverage your competitive advantage and boost your sales.
  • PPC ads are great for assessing the effectiveness of a new product, landing page, or a site. If you are quick on your toes, you can turn traffic from PPC ads to your benefit and refine your marketing strategy in time.  
  • You can achieve quantifiable results and measure your progress in terms of ROI; this helps you with budgeting.


  • It is quite complicated to manage a successful PPC campaign. You have to learn the technical ins and outs of the PPC platform if you don’t already have a professional to do that for you
  • Clicks do not always translate into sales; it is a bit of a gamble, especially when you are just a beginner

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It is no surprise that the world is becoming increasingly dependent upon the unrivaled powers of digital marketing – it would be unsurprising to claim that both, Social Media Marketing and PPC offer combined value to any marketing campaign.

If you have a budget that allows you to incorporate both strategies into your marketing plan, then simply attack all the fronts.

But if you need a distinct answer to this debate, then here it is:

  • Choose PPC if you are looking for immediate return, want to test multiple products, and want to collect crucial information that will help you devise your future marketing approach.
  • Choose Social Media Marketing if you want to build brand awareness, enjoy long-term healthy ROI, and you want to connect regularly with your audience.

The choice is completely yours!

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