4 Reasons Why You Need A Restaurant Management System To Grow Your Business

Running day-to-day operations is hectic enough for restaurant owners and managers. If your processes involve lots of manual work, it can turn what’s already a tedious job into an uphill battle.

Your team’s performance standards will drop if they’re spending a significant chunk of their time on administrative tasks like attendance monitoring, payroll preparation, etc.

So, to navigate the ultra-competitive Pakistani hospitality sector (annual spending on eating out is close to Rs. 115 billion), you need a restaurant management system (RMS) that will give you the best chance of success.

Understanding every operational aspect (cooking techniques, ingredient sourcing, costs, etc.) is obviously vital. However, incorporating an RMS and having a strong grip on it is just as important for growth.  

This piece outlines some compelling reasons why an RMS is a missing piece in your eatery’s jigsaw.

Operate Within Your Means by Slashing Costs

All restaurants need to utilize their limited resources as efficiently as possible. And an RMS can enable you to do just that. Through it, you can compare actual costs with predicted expenses.

Moreover, you can track the EXACT number of hours that your team worked for and pay them accordingly, thereby reducing labor costs.

By simplifying staff management, you’re saving both time and money that would otherwise have been spent manually taking care of such administrative duties.

Stay On Top of All Customer and Staff Issues

Problems are bound to arise in any organization. With regard to your employees, perhaps there’s a staff member who frequently shows up late. Maybe you’ve received multiple customer complaints about a particular server.

A top-notch RMS will let you easily record, update, and track such issues. As a result, you can tackle them in the right way while keeping performance standards high.

Simple & Straightforward Work Scheduling

It’s probably an understatement to say that managing personnel shifts using pen and paper is difficult. Having to balance employee availability, while ensuring compliance with labor regulations can make many owners/managers want to pull their hair out.

But, no need to worry. All you need is the right restaurant management system and everything’s good to go. Say goodbye to the old-fashioned way of manually accommodating every employee’s shift request. An RMS can help you prepare work plans with a single click and easily make edits when required.

ALWAYS Keep Your Team In the Loop

Once all shifts are scheduled, you can send the plan to every team member via text or email. That way, they’ll know about previous work hours and, more importantly, their upcoming shifts well in advance. You can also instantly update them about future events such as a private party or a huge order coming in.

And since restaurant management systems are cloud-based, you can manage your personnel from anywhere. All you need is a laptop, cell phone, or tablet. In the same way, your staff can access their schedules on the move or from the comfort of their homes!

Before You Leave

A restaurant management system can streamline your operations, cut costs, and considerably increase productivity. This is crucial, especially if you’re a local eatery going up against international chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, Nando’s, Hardee’s, etc.

You’ll need every resource at your disposal to compete via product differentiation and innovation. That’s how smaller establishments like Dagwood in Lahore are taking on the global giants of the game. Calling itself a “low-key café specializing in multi-layered sandwiches,” the WAPDA Town-based eatery has followed a simple but effective product differentiation strategy. Their strong portfolio of signature sandwiches and burgers keeps delighting customers.

If you also want your food business to experience unprecedented growth during these challenging times, book a FREE strategic call with us today by visiting our website link.

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